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Ruby Kearce is a licensed real estate agent with The Property Group 850, who specializes in helping first-time home buyers find the right home and financing. For more info, visit her on Facebook.

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Ruby also offers a variety of property management and maintenance services. For more info contact her via Facebook.

Ruby’s top tips to help improve your credit:

What is a credit score?
It's that pesky 3 digit number that helps lenders decide whether or not they want to loan to you and what the terms of that loan will be.
Most people have dozens or even hundreds of scores. These scores are put into different mathematical algorithms that help form the 3 most common scores. Though the algorithms may be different they all use the same information to form the end result. Two of the most important factors in credit scoring models are payment history and credit utilization ratio (more on that later). These combined make up about 70% of a credit score.

Methods and tools to utilize when trying to improve your credit

First, be aware of what your score is. You can check your score online at
When you receive this information you will also be notified of what is being factored into your score. Go through all this information and make sure it is correct. If it is not, dispute the incorrect information.

Second, and most effective is to make sure you pay bills on time. When lenders pull your score they are very interested in your payment history. If you are behind on payments, get them caught up as soon as possible. Bringing payments current ensures your credit will rise at a steady pace. If paying on time is the source of the problem, utilize other tools, like online calendars, reminders, and autopay to improve your payment history.

Third, there is a tool that can help boost your credit, a website called Experian Boost, which is a fairly new site that allows you to add utility and cell phone bills to your credit file. It's an opt-in product that connects your bank account and links your utility and telecom payment history. Once they have confirmed the data and you have allowed them to add the history to your Experian credit file, an updated FICO score will be issued in real-time. The membership is free. ( This is not a sponsored post.) You will also receive a free credit report and FICO scores immediately.

Fourth, is to understand the Credit Utilization Ratio, which is very important when calculating your credit score. Put simply it is the percent of your credit that you use.
For example, if you have a credit card that has a limit of 10,000 and you only charge 2,000 a month then your ratio is 20%. Lenders prefer a ratio of 30% or less. You can positively influence your ratio by paying off debt, keeping your card balance low, and paying it off each month.
My personal advice would be to get a card and use it for something small, and then pay it off each month.

Time frames to keep in mind when trying to rebuild credit

  • It takes 7 years for delinquent accounts to be taken off of your report.
  • Bankruptcies can take up to 10 years to clear from your report.
  • Most inquiries remain on your report for 2 years.

The truth is building your credit takes time, can be stressful, and is kind of depressing. But if you sit down and create/ implement a course of action towards bettering your credit, you will see your score start to rise in no time.
Just breathe; you've got this.
And when you get it where you want it, I’ll be here to help with the next step in buying the home of your dreams.
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