Tammy Kearce a.k.a. KearceCom

KearceCrafted Communications
a.k.a. Kearcecom

Tammy Kearce: 
General manager and creative director

When I founded KearceCrafted Communications in 1997, things were very different. I saved copy to a floppy disc and packaged it with 35 mm photos for delivery via terrestrial mail. We used email for backup but, secretly, no one trusted it.
Both technology and KearceCom have changed dramatically during the last 20 years.

Initially, I provided coastal, editorial content to newspapers and magazines:

KearceCrafted Communications

And eventually television:

KearceCrafted Communications

KearceCom currently offers editing /writing/ photography/ content creation services 

Package pricing- $99
  • 12 Photos w/ edits and captions
    (ask about introductory drone photography)
  • FastFlix video (social media shorts)
  • Publication to if applicable
  • One-page press release
  • 6-8 still photos with captions
  • Narrated video
  • Distribution to local/ regional press contacts

Everyday Vacay cyber seminar series

and has recently produced and published a
three-part seminar series

Everyday Vacay: 
A beginner's guide to health and happiness.

Work history: 

As an editor, I produce content for print and electronic media, assign projects, set deadlines, collect material, edit text, partner text with artwork, clearly identify each element and either upload the content to a website or deliver to the publication or printer as a package.
The Florida Sun.
A 48-page weekly news and feature magazine.
July 2000- August 2001. Pensacola FL.
(Currently published as "InWeekly," by Rick Outzen.)
Publisher: Joe Scarborough
Everyday Vacay published by KearceCrafted Communications

Walton Life.
Lifestyle magazine/ supplement to DFS Herald/ BeachBreeze
November 2008-January 2011

Everyday Vacay published by KearceCrafted Communications

Gulf Coast Editor:

Montgomery Living Magazinecurrently River Region Living.
September 2002- March 2008
Everyday Vacay published by KearceCrafted Communications

Gulf Life Magazine.
November 2002-February 2008

Everyday Vacay published by KearceCrafted Communications

Wiregrass Living Magazine.
March 2002-July 2007

Everyday Vacay published by KearceCrafted Communications

Web Editor:

Victual Communications Consulting Group 
July 2009- March 2011

Everyday Vacay published by KearceCrafted Communications

As a writer, I attend events, conduct interviews, research topics, produce copy, provide art, graphics, and photos. 

Pensacola Today Magazine.
August 2001-July 2005

KearceCrafted Communications

Business Climate Magazine.
August 2001-July2005

KearceCrafted Communications

Emerald Coast Magazine.
March 2003-January 2004

KearceCrafted Communications

DeFuniak Springs Herald/ Beach Breeze.
July 1997 - present

KearceCrafted Communications


As a communicator, I produce and deliver content for all print, electronic and verbal media; make television and other in-person appearances; oversee the organization's website and social media accounts.

Cooperative communicator. Choctawhatchee Electric Cooperative. Oct. 2013-Nov.2015.

KearceCrafted Communications


As an associate professor, I taught communication arts/social science classes.
Northwest Florida State College.

August 2001- May 2012. Northwest Florida State College Associate professor-COMM Arts

Everyday Vacay published by KearceCrafted Communications


As creative director, I produce and deliver content for all print, electronic and verbal media. I also design and maintain a digital footprint including, but not limited to, website design and maintenance; social media account establishment, monitoring, and maintenance.

KearceCrafted LLC since 1997. 

Everyday Vacay published by KearceCrafted Communications


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