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About KearceCrafted

We are James and Tammy Kearce.
Together we own and operate
KearceCrafted - A family brand.
We also love to travel, so our KearceCrafted blog is dedicated to whatever activity or activities we are doing at the time: live Tammy Talks, updates on Tammy Talk TV, a "Throne of Stone," remodeling a rental, or traveling in our converted short bus or van.
You may notice hardwood, laminate, or tile featured in earlier posts. That is because until 2015 we were a full- service, hard-surface flooring installation group. However, we have since semi-retired and James now concentrates his professional abilities on designing and installing artisan stone bathrooms.
KearceCrafted businesses include: KearceCrafted Homes,  a fleet of rental properties.KearceCrafted Communications a.k.a.  KearceCom- home of Tammy TalkThrones of Stone - artisan stone bathroom design and installation.KearceCrafted Homes: James Kearce- Chief Operating Officer and Property Manager
Tammy Kearce- Communications Director an…

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