About KearceCrafted

We are James and Tammy Kearce.
Together we own and operate
KearceCrafted - A family brand.

Crossing the Texas Mexico border
Crossing the Texas/Mexico border.

We also love to travel, so our KearceCrafted blog is dedicated to whatever activity or activities we are doing at the time: live Tammy Talks, updates on Tammy Talk TV, a "Throne of Stone," remodeling a rental, or traveling in our converted short bus or van.
You may notice hardwood, laminate, or tile featured in earlier posts. That is because until 2015 we were a full- service, hard-surface flooring installation group. However, we have since semi-retired and James now concentrates his professional abilities on designing and installing artisan stone bathrooms.

KearceCrafted businesses include: 

KearceCrafted Homes: 

James Kearce- Chief Operating Officer and Property Manager
Tammy Kearce- Communications Director and Financial Officer
As a former builder/contractor, James renovates all new additions to the KearceCrafted Rental Fleet and updates existing fleet members as needs arise.

While we both enjoy home-improvement television, we live in the deep, rural South where mobile homes are the equivalent of metropolitan apartments. So, we are in the business of what I affectionately refer to as, "Redneck Renovation."
Our mobile homes range in age from 25-50 years old and have aged quite well. So, we give them some much-needed TLC, renovation, and design.

KearceCrafted Communication
And Tammy Talk:

Tammy Kearce- General Manager and Creative Director
James Kearce- Technical Director and Logistics Coordinator
KearceCom has been bringing news of the Gulf Coast to the southeast for more than 20 years.
The latest KearceCrafted Communications project, Tammy Talk, helps working mothers live with purpose, passion, and perseverance.

Tammy Kearce creator of the Everyday Vacay Cyber Seminar Series in TV interview
Recent television appearances

Thrones of Stone:

Thrones of Stone are artisan stone bathroom designs and installations by James Kearce.
James accepts three or four "Stone Throne" projects per year. So far, he has completed three projects this year and has one more pending.
However, his 2020 calendar is open after March 15th.
These projects are strictly limited to marble and/or stone bathroom builds. Consultations are included and he comes equipped with tools and labor. Travel inside the continental U.S. is calculated at 30 cents per mile one-way and daytime parking if applicable.
For more information visit Thrones of Stone.

2019 Thrones of Stone projects
2019 Stone Throne Projects