About KearceCrafted

We are James and Tammy Kearce.
Together we own and operate
KearceCrafted - A family brand.

Crossing the Texas Mexico border
Crossing the Texas/Mexico border.

We also love to travel, so our KearceCrafted blog is dedicated to whatever activity or activities we are doing at the time: 
  • a custom tile or stone project, 
  • remodeling a rental, 
  • a live Tammy Talk, 
  • updates on Tammy Talk TV 
  • or traveling in our converted short bus.

KearceCrafted Homes: 

As a former builder/contractor, James renovates all new additions to the KearceCrafted Rental Fleet and updates existing fleet members as needs arise.

While we both enjoy home-improvement television, we live in the deep, rural South where mobile homes are the equivalent of metropolitan apartments. So, we are in the business of what I affectionately refer to as, "Redneck Renovation."
Our mobile homes range in age from 25-50 years old and have aged quite well. So, we give them some much-needed TLC, renovation, and design.

KearceCrafted Communication
And Tammy Talk:

KearceCom has been bringing news of the Gulf Coast to the southeast for more than 20 years.
The latest KearceCrafted Communications project, Tammy Talk, helps working women build a healthy, happy life by finding inspiration, communicating their intentions, and getting organized.
Tammy Kearce creator of the Everyday Vacay Cyber Seminar Series in TV interview
Recent television appearances