KearceCrafted Homes: 

James Kearce- Chief Operating Officer/ Property Manager 
Tammy Kearce- Communications Director and Financial Officer

As a former builder/contractor, James renovates all new additions to the KearceCrafted Rental Fleet and updates existing fleet members as needs arise.

While we both enjoy home-improvement television, we live in the deep, rural South where mobile homes are the equivalent of metropolitan apartments. So, we are in the business of what I affectionately refer to as, "Redneck Renovation."
Our mobile homes range in age from 25-50 years old and have aged quite well. So, we give them some much-needed TLC, renovation, and design.

There are no KearceCrafted rentals available at this time 

Why rent when you can buy?

Ruby Kearce is a licensed real estate agent with The Property Group 850 specializing in helping first-time home buyers find the right home and financing. Visit her on Facebook for details.
Ruby Kearce: Property Group 850